A broad scope of exciting looks upon the runway for the 2016 prom season, arousing a sense of grace and refinement. The runways are always dictated by stylish looks, from conventional prom pieces such as sequin apparel and ball gowns to more low-key and slender profile.
Ginafratini’s prom designers displayed an array of brilliant and distinctive gowns applying sophisticated fabric and design factors to create elegant vogue which will be the whole scope come Prom 2016.

Couple advice on Beauty



1. Schedule a hair consultation before the big day. You may be set on a particular style and end up hating it when once it’s done on you with your hair. Lisa H. 1/4/15

2. Get plenty of beauty sleep the week leading up to your wedding! I didn’t sleep enough and I was exhausted on my big day. Tracy M. 12/19/15

3. Don’t get a haircut days before your wedding, that’s taking too many chances! Mistakes can be fixed with hair extensions but try and get it cut a few months before. Traci    4/S/16

4. I normally don’t wear makeup and thought mine was overdone for my wedding day, false lashes and all. I suggest telling your markup artist the kind of look you want before she applies too much than you are comfortable with. Katie L.9/12/15


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