A broad scope of exciting looks upon the runway for the 2016 prom season, arousing a sense of grace and refinement. The runways are always dictated by stylish looks, from conventional prom pieces such as sequin apparel and ball gowns to more low-key and slender profile.
Ginafratini’s prom designers displayed an array of brilliant and distinctive gowns applying sophisticated fabric and design factors to create elegant vogue which will be the whole scope come Prom 2016.

Dates to consider



When choosing the date for your wedding, there are many things to consider. While we are not able to completely assist you with venue availability, we can advise of dates to avoid and consider when choosing your wedding date.
GOOD. There are some holidays and 3-day weekends that are totally fine to host a wedding:
Columbus Day    Memorial Day
New Years' Eve    Labor Day
Presidents' Day    4th of July
Martin Luther King Day
BAD. There are some dates to think twice about when planning your nuptials. Think higher airline costs, hotel room availability, vacation plans and family commitments.
Memorial Day      Labor Day
July 4th weekend   Thanksgiving
Christmas          Easter
Mothers/Fathers Day Halloween
August (vacation time) New Years Day Valentines Day Passover

SPORTS CONSIDERATIONS. Final Four Weekend and Super Bowl Sunday, and the World Series are all events that can impact your guest experience.
CHICAGO CONSIDERATIONS. Think about traffic and hotel rooms. Chicago Marathon St Patricks Day Parade Blues Festival Taste of Chicago ollapalooza Air and Water Show Chicago Triathlon


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